Partners In Science

Partners and Co-Scientist-in-Chief: Doctor Wesley When and Prof. Catherine Chronos are co-founders of Ethereal Endways, Inc. Their partnership began when they bumped into each other at Paine Memorial High School. Since then they have charted a shared course of scientific discovery, achieving together what neither could on their own.

After high school they married and both earned bachelors degrees in physics at the North Dakota Institute of Technocracy, followed by doctorates in applied physics at the South Dakota Institute of Technocracy. Prof. Chronos also earned a Ph.D. in art history from the Art Institute of West Virginia.

Despite receiving many offers for faculty positions at prestigious institutions, the couple chose to start an independent laboratory so that their synergistic quest for revolutionary discoveries would not be hampered by the conventional thinking of the established scientific community. Thus, little word of their great advances has reached the outside world. But now the time has come for them to share their discoveries with their fellow scientists...and the world!

Head Lab Assistant: Elizabeth Vanderbilt is a fellow alumna of Paine Memorial High School. She herself would have been the last person to have expected her to enter into a career in science. Her scientific calling came to her late, but suddenly - like a splash. Since then she's making up for lost time by demonstrating a drive that even Doctor When and Prof. Chronos struggle to keep up with! Who knows what she will do - in time?